Casadio Enea On Demand
-Instantaneous grinding: it freshly grounds the set doses directly
into the filter-holder.
-Electronic dose setting.
-Single and double doses settable independently.
-Micrometric screw adjustment of grind setting.
-Removed hopper security micro switch.
-Die-cast chrome and painted body.

Output: ~2g/s
Height: 620mm
Depth: 368mm
Width: 194mm
Weight: 15kg

LaCimbali  Magnum on demand
– The grammage of single and double doses is independent and consistent
– Micrometric screw adjustment of grind setting: fast and accurate
– Height-adjustable fork suitable for various filter holders
– Dosage centred in the filter holder
– No electrostatic charge
– Cleaning is quicker and simpler
– Touch screen for an easy and intuitive programming and use
– Three settings: single dose, double dose or continuous grind

Output: ~4g/s
Height: 620mm
Depth: 400mm
Width: 220mm
Weight: 15kg

LaCimbali  Elective
-4.3” touchscreen display is easy to use and completely customisable.
-Designed to ensure optimal use in small spaces and improve the aesthetics of the bar or counter.

Output: ~4.1g/s
Height: 580mm
Depth: 400mm
Width: 215mm
Weight: 19kg

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